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Bathroom Door Furniture

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 Karcher Bathroom Furniture

It has been long since the bathroom has dropped its robe, and has converted itself from being the most mundane and boring place in home to a style statement for the home. Countless home improvement guidebooks now share exciting ideas on how to make a bathroom look stylish. Installing bathroom door furniture is a part of each of those ideas.

The changing nature of the bathroom has brought various kinds of bathroom door furniture in the market, which instead of helping buyers, have confused them. Making choices is getting harder and harder. In this article, I will give to tips to simplify the process of choosing a set of suitable bathroom door furniture from the myriad of choices offered by the market.


Size of the bathroom

Size of the bathroom where you will install door furniture is the first thing you need to keep in mind when buying bathroom door hardware. The things that may look good in a large bathroom may not fit into a smaller one, and vice versa.  You should take the exact measurement of your bathroom before shopping for the door furniture. Bathroom fittings and the décor of your bathroom should also be taken into consideration when buying door furniture.


Type of bathroom door furniture

Another thing you need to ask is what type of door furniture you want? For example, do you want door knobs on both sides of the door, or will you use bathroom door handles on both sides, or will you go with a handle on the outside, and a knob on the inside?

The decision will also depend on the type of bathroom door you have. If you have a frameless sliding glass door than the door furniture requirement for such door will be different than that of a bathroom with a wooden door.


How durable the door furniture is?

This may appear third in the list, but it is as important as the other two factors. You must check the durability of bathroom door furniture before buying it because bathroom door furniture will be constantly exposed to hot and cold water. You should not consider bathroom door furniture that cannot withstand it, as you will not want to change bathroom door handles, knobs, and other furniture, every year or every alternate year.

You should keep these things in mind when shopping for bathroom door furniture, regardless of which one you buy. These will help you filter through the plethora of choices you have been bombarded with.

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